Regime in Bahrain’s Terrible Paranoia on Display Again

On 14 February 2016, the fifth anniversary of the Bahrain revolution, four American journalists were aggressively arrested in broad day light for legitimately covering the anniversary’s peaceful protests. It is a chilling reminder of how the Al-Khalifa regime crackdowns on any coverage relating to the plight of the Bahraini people, arresting foreign journalists, seen in many photos getting chased by security forces personnel, imprisoning Bahraini journalists, and using bloody force to deal with any other dissenting or differing voice.

The American journalists were indeed released after a quick word from US representatives to the regime in Bahrain, demonstrating the lack of sovereignty theregime has even with its Western allies. The Al-Khalifa regime, again, displays its terrible paranoia when it comes to its image, and attempts to hide its crimes by barring coverage, getting its Western allies to “water down” and downplay their violations internationally (1), as carried out by British delegates, and snuffs out Bahraini dissenting voices within the country.

Since the Bahraini uprising spread, the regime has prevented over 250 observers from entering the country(2). As such, the Al-Khalifa regime has not let go of the oppressive mindset it has possessed since its rule began, not only cracking down on the indigenous Bahraini people, but also proceeding to clampdown on any foreign group or individual interested in the Bahraini uprisingregardless of reasonableness, impartiality, orinternational norms.

Bahrain Campaign can confirm that the Bahraini people are fully aware of the coordination and conniving tactics elicited by the regime and its allies, to hide the many crimes it has committed since 2011 and decades before. It is high time for one of regime’s Western allies to stand by its words, take an ethical stand, and finally condemn the actions of the regime in Bahrain. Regardless of the support, the Bahraini people remain unswerving in their efforts to push for full transformation, and implement a democratic and proper political system free from oppressive mindsets, corruption, blood thirst, and deceitful agendas.  




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