Bahraini Regime Conceives New Ways to Suppress Dissent

The regime in Bahrain has embarked on a stranger, but no less brutal, form of abuse against Bahraini dissidents, activists, and scholars in Bahrain – stripping of nationality coupled with forceful deportation.

Over the last 4 years, the regime has racked up over 260 Bahrainis, almost completely Shia former politicians, scholars, activists, and journalists, under sham “decisions”, decrees, and charges that resulted in the revocation of their Bahraini nationality. Unsurprisingly, with no pressure from the regime’s Western allies or its backers, it has upped the number of stripped nationalsyear in year out.

Now it has gone beyond this, and has proceeded to deport the stripped nationals – with four already shipped out of the country – one of which is prominent scholar Mohamed Khojistah. International organisations have been shocked by the actions of the regime, which continue to find new ways of trying to silence and subjugate peaceful dissidents. Amnesty called the deportations “alarming”, confirming already that four have been deported. (1)

Further, the Special Rapporteur on cultural rights aswellas the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, have identified the targeted persecution of Shia Bahrainis in Bahrain – demanding recently an explanation from the “Government of Bahrain… use of excessive force and abuses targeting Shia Bahrainis and clerics.” (2)

We at Bahrain Campaign see these atrocities as calamitous, and has no doubt further deteriorated the situation in Bahrain. Bahrain Campaign would like to remind the international community, especially those aware or involved of the dire situation in Bahrain, to make strong representations and condemnations against such a subjugation of the peaceful Bahraini people by the regime.




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