Our Means

Bahrain Campaign endeavours to realise its objectives through lawful means, with focus on the following:


  1. Employ advocacy to communicate with political and legislative bodies in various countries around the world.


  1. Create relationships with NGOs, centres of studies and research, pressure groups, political elites, and media outlets that broadcast in influential countries.


  1. Communicate the violations to the relevant political and legislative bodies, political parties, human rights and civil societal organisations, research and studies’ centres, pressure groups, political elites, and the media.


  1. Organise seminars, conferences, public events, festivals, parades and gatherings of all kinds in various countries regarding the popular movement in Bahrain in conjunction with the political factions inside and outside of Bahrain.


  1. Issue statements, reports, newsletters, and carry out research and studies necessary to implement the objectives of the organisation, and to develop a competent Bahraini community to do so.