Bahrain regime Crown Prince uses national money to win favours with US presidential hopeful

Bahrain regime’s crown prince, Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, has reportedly “donated” $32 million to the Clinton charity in an attempt to win favour with US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and get a face-to-face meeting. Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, who is not a businessman nor a successful entrepreneur, managed to chalk up such a vast amount from the resources generated by Bahrain without conferring with the regime’s flawed, gerrymandered and highly obedient Parliament, nor with the population which has demanded complete democratic change of the ruling system. Yet, members of the Al-Khalifa family at a whim pursue their lone interests, at the expense of the Bahraini people, many times attempting to bribe foreign statesman but failing, as attempted with British MP Ann Clwyd (1).

Ironically, the Bahraini people in parts of the country suffer from crippling poverty, with the regime itself relying on Saudi Arabia to prop up its illegitimate rulership and economy after vast swaths of the population demanded an end to tyrannical Al-Khalifa rule in 2011.

Bahrain itself houses the American Naval 5th Fleet, whilst also footing the bill for the recently opened British naval base. But despite this, the crown prince of the regime illegally extracts national money to buy himself time with a future future presidential hopeful. Even more shocking is the fact that the Clinton charity has accepted such a donation, from the future monarch of  a country ranked “not free” since 2010 by the US-based Freedom of the World survey, ranked 125 in Press Freedom Index, and 144 in Democracy Global rank.

Bahrain Campaign stipulates that it is high-time the US adopts long-term strategies away from bloody-handed regimes if it ever plans to help end corruption and violent bloodshed in the region.


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