About us

Who are we?

BAHRAIN-CAMPAIGN copyBahrain Campaign (BC) is a civil non-governmental organisation that was established in 2013, operating in the United Kingdom and across the world. It promotes the need for democracy and popular governance in Bahrain with an aim to resolve the Bahraini crisis based on the democratisation of Bahrain and a right to self-determination and self-governance by the people of Bahrain. BC is a national political group that believes in justice, social equality and freedom.

Our Objectives

Based on its principles, Bahrain Campaign seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Undertake democratisation of the authoritarian Bahraini regime, and establish a democratic society where everyone is constitutionally recognised and enjoy living together on an equal basis.

  1. Strive for a democratic solution to the Bahraini crisis that includes the recognition of cultural, national and political rights for the Bahraini people to be able to govern themselves in a multicultural and democratic society.

  1. Endeavour to preserve the Bahraini people’s dignity and identity by protecting their nation’s independence, sovereignty, unity, and historical and cultural achievements.

  1. Cultivate awareness around the world of the Bahraini people’s peaceful popular cause in order to gain solidarity and support for their distress and suffering.

  1. Legitimise pluralism and freedom of political groups; implement democratic means and peaceful political dialogue in addressing the issues and achieving the goals.

  1. Establish connection between the Bahraini diaspora and their homeland to ensure deeper and more conscious national involvement.

  1. Enhance relationships with the Bahraini political factions that embrace principles of democratic change.

  1. Holistically advance capabilities of Bahrainis in the avenues of politics, humanitarian and social arenas, in the media, and in their educational and professional lives. Utilise such to create a foundation for democracy in Bahrain.

  1. Exert significant pressure on the Bahraini authorities through various actions to put an end to the dictatorship and human rights violations.

Our Means

Bahrain Campaign endeavours to realise its objectives through lawful means, with focus on the following:

  1. Employ advocacy to communicate with political and legislative bodies in various countries around the world.

  1. Create relationships with NGOs, centres of studies and research, pressure groups, political elites, and media outlets that broadcast in influential countries.

  1. Communicate the violations to the relevant political and legislative bodies, political parties, human rights and civil societal organisations, research and studies’ centres, pressure groups, political elites, and the media.

  1. Organise seminars, conferences, public events, festivals, parades and gatherings of all kinds in various countries regarding the popular movement in Bahrain in conjunction with the political factions inside and outside of Bahrain.

  1. Issue statements, reports, newsletters, and carry out research and studies necessary to implement the objectives of the organisation, and to develop a competent Bahraini community to do so.

  1. Prepare draft laws to amend current Bahraini legislations as required. This would be done through the correct democratic channels and in line with the objectives of the organisation.

  1. Organise training courses, workshops, and round-table discussions to enhance the capabilities of members of the Bahraini opposition.

  1. Establish media systems for the Bahraini political opposition in Arabic, English and other languages of countries where a Bahraini community functions. This is to broadcast all the activities of political oppositions in Bahrain and abroad, and to inform the public opinion on what is occurring inside Bahrain concerning violations and unlawful activities carried out by the Bahraini authorities.